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Garden City Hotel is in a fantastic location, within five minutes drive of Canberra's top tourist attractions. Whether you like your attractions fast and furious, or relaxed and contemplative, Canberra has it all!

Within five minutes drive

Parliament House
Explore our national house of political power; take a guided tour or meander around the sprawling building at your leisure. Keep your eyes peeled for a famous face! 

Museum of Australian Democracy
Australia's political heritage is a fascinating story. See the building that has hosted some of our most turbulent national events.

National Gallery of Australia
The NGA is home to a vast array of national and international art, spanning a variety of formats. See some of the world's most famous artworks. Check for special exhibitions - the NGA has a sensational program of limited-time attractions

National Portrait Gallery
The Portrait Gallery is the newest addition to the southern shores of Lake Burley Griffin and wonderfully complements the adjacent National Gallery. You will recognise many of the portraits of some very famous figures.

National Library of Australia
It is famous as a library, however it is also home to the Treasures Gallery; an inspiring collection of ephemera, oral histories, rare books, handwritten manuscripts, oil paintings, photographs and maps.

National Archives of Australia
Delve into our national history with an intriguing collection of items. Take a little time to research your own family.


Within ten minutes drive

Australian War Memorial
Often regarded as Australia's premier historical attraction, and one of the finest military museums in the world, the Australian War Memorial is a must-see for visitors to Canberra.

Royal Australian Mint
Visit the observation deck at the Royal Australian Mint and see how money is made! With some fascinating historical items in its collection, and the opportunity to see the factory floor in action, the Royal Australian Mint is a great place to visit in Canberra!


A little further afield

National Zoo & Aquarium
The National Zoo and Aquarium is a sprawling extravaganza, adjacent to the famous Scrivener Dam. See both Australian native and exotic animals is a relaxing, enjoyable environment.


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